Freeing up nicknames

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Freeing up nicknames

If a name you wish to use is already in use on another account you can contact support and we can look to free up the name, if the account currently using the name has 0 games played in the past two years. If games have been played on the account in the past two years then the name will not be released. 

The same name using different capitalization cannot be released if games have been played. Please check if other accounts are using the same name with different capitalization before requesting us to free up the name.

NOTE: We only offer the freeing up of usernames to actively playing, Premium subscribers.

If the name change is approved, the name on your account will be updated, it will not be possible to use it on another account.

This can only be done once every 3 months for Premium users.


Please search your desired name in the search bar at the top of the site, and include links to any accounts using the name you wish to use in your ticket to us to request to make the name available.

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