Initial Battalion registration

How do I register Battalion on FACEIT?

Connecting Battalion to your FACEIT account is incredibly easy to do via two different ways, follow the steps below to get connected. 

Before connecting Battalion to your account, ensure you're using the correct Steam account. If you have already integrated a Steam account to your FACEIT account, your Battalion will need to be on the same Steam account. 

Connecting via the FACEIT website

  • Navigate to your game settings
  • Press ‘Add Game’
  • Select Battalion from the list
  • Press ‘Connect Steam’. You should see the game has been connected


  • Choose the appropriate region from your game settings and begin playing

Connecting via the ingame menu

With FACEIT fully integrated into the Battalion client, you may also connect directly inside the game. 

  • Open Battalion
  • Press ‘Competitive’
  • Log in or create a FACEIT account
  • Press ‘Approve’ to connect the game to your account


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