What is FACEIT and why is it in the game?

FACEIT is the leading competitive platform allowing games and communities to create and promote the ultimate competitive environment. FACEIT provides high quality competitive matchmaking, tournaments, competitions and tools for communities to tailor their own competitive experience.


I already play CSGO on FACEIT, what next?

You can sign in to your existing FACEIT account in-game and register Battalion to your account to access the competitive matchmaking in Battalion.


I’m banned for Cheating/Ban Evasion on FACEIT previously, can I play Battalion?

Yes, you are permitted to create a new FACEIT account within the client with the sole purpose of playing Battalion.

We are moving to game specific bans, as we do this move, in order to allow users to play Battalion banned players on FACEIT are allowed to create a new account in-game and play.

You are not allowed to connect any other game on FACEIT or download the anti-cheat. Any of these actions will result in a ban on your new account.


Can I play battalion competitively without a FACEIT account?

To play the competitive matchmaking you will need to have a FACEIT account, however you will be able to play in the arcade mode without a FACEIT account.


What are the benefits of a Premium subscription/ do i need a subscription to play competitively ?

Premium subscribers will have guaranteed access to 120 tick servers, premium missions, and will also have priority to queue with other premium subscribers.


What is available at launch for battalion on FACEIT?

All players will have access to two missions to complete for prizes. We will also be running a pre-season for our monthly leagues, running until the end of May. Over the launch weekend we will be running a weekend event ladder for players to compete for prizes.


What are FACEIT leagues?

FACEIT leagues are monthly ladder competitions, you will be split into different leagues based on your FACEIT rank. During the course of the month you will earn and lose points in the ladder for your match wins and losses, top players at the end of the month will win prizes. All players, free and Premium, will have access to the same leagues.




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