Managing teams

Can teams change their captain?

Yes. Teams can change their captain for matches that haven't started. Finished matches won’t be updated. 

A captain didn’t arrive, can I change a teams captain?

Only if the team has a substitute player. You can change their team captain from the action menu for that specific team. All current and future matches will have the new captain selected.

Can I add/remove players/substitutes/coach or captain?

Yes. If you allow changes on request, ensure to specify this in the tournament rules for fairness.

  1. If you are adding a new player/substitute/coach, ensure the user is part of the FACEIT premade team that the captain used when signing up to the tournament and that they accepted the team invite.
  2. You must be at least tournament Senior Admin or higher
  3. Head to the teams (or players) tab
  4. Open the action menu and click “Manage team”
  5. Make your changes and confirm your action.
  6. Let the team (captain) know about the change.

Your team changes will affect any matches that haven’t started or finished.

Can I remove teams from a tournament before it starts?

Yes. You can permanently ban all team members from the tournament or allow them to join again by kicking them.

I have additional participation criteria. How do I check for these?

Highlight your join requirements on the tournament details and rules. Give details on how to submit additional information. Set the time for signups to close early enough to review the list of teams. You must be Senior Admin or higher to kick teams from the “Teams” tab before the tournament launches.

Can I eliminate teams?

Swiss system and Round-robin format:
Yes. The team will be listed as eliminated on the team's page. All matches already scheduled will be set to be lost.

Single bracket format:


On the next match, use the admin match actions to set the result to a loss.

For Free For All tournaments:


Eliminating teams from getting matched is currently not possible. Adjust a team’s leaderboard points to remove their ranking before tournament prizes are paid out.

How do I eliminate a team?

As Senior Admin or above, head to the “Teams” tab and eliminate them from the tournament.

    1. Ensure that the entire team is aware before proceeding.
    2. You must be at least tournament Senior Admin or higher to do this
    3. Head to the “Teams” (or players) tab
    4. Open the action menu and click “Manage team”
    5. Click on “eliminate” and confirm the confirmation window

Can I undo eliminations?

Not always.

For Swiss system format:
You can undo team eliminations until the next round of matches has been generated without the team.

For Round-robin format:
You can undo team eliminations at any time. Matches that were set to be lost will not be rescheduled. You will need to manually reschedule these matches. And notify the teams. The leaderboard will update gradually once the new match results are in.

Can teams forfeit?

Yes. They will have to contact a tournament admin, who will set them as eliminated.



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