Tournament substitutes

Allowing teams to bring substitutes to a tournament greatly reduces the number of teams dropping out and therefore increasing the experience for all parties. 

Who can substitute players?

Only the captain can swap players on the match roster.

Can teams add new substitutes from their team profile page?

No, substitutes need to be confirmed before the tournament started.

What is the substitute player limit?

This number shows themaximum number of substitute players that teams can bring during sign-up.

When can teams swap players?

The team captain can confirm or change the roster of the match at the start.

How do swaps work?

Every time you swap a player from your original team roster on a match, you consume one swap.

Example: Teams get 5 swaps and you bring 1 substitute. One player on your roster drops out of the team. You can now swap your drop-out for up to 5 matches.

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