Adding Faceit Point and Custom Prizes

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To reward players and teams of the tournament, verified organizers can add prizes to their tournaments. All FACEIT POINT prizes are paid out automatically. 


Who can add prizes?

The tournament creator and Senior admins of the tournament are able to edit the specific prizes on offer in their tournament prior to participants joining.


When can I add/update the prize pool?

Tournament creators and Senior admins can edit the prizes on offer in a specific tournament up until the first players/teams have joined. This is to prevent last-minute prize pool changes that may leave participants disappointed or playing in a tournament based on false pretenses.


How can I add FACEIT POINTS to my tournament?

Only verified organizers can purchase FACEIT POINTS for their organizer balance. To get verified, please apply here or reach out to the Partnerships Team here.

On the tournament settings, head to the "Prizes" section. Click the "Add to your balance" button and follow the instructions on the pop-up window.



Are prize payouts automated?

Yes, for all FACEIT POINT prizes. For custom prizes, please refer to the tournament description/rules.


When do winners receive their FACEIT POINTS?

FACEIT POINTS are paid out automatically 24 hours after the tournament finished. This is to allow any disputes to be settled and for background checks to be done. For custom prizes, please refer to the tournament description/rules.


Can I add a Ferrari (or anything else) to the prize pool?

Potentially, yes. Only trusted partners are able to freely add custom prizes to tournaments.

To add custom prizes (anything other than FACEIT POINTS) to your tournament, please contact your Partnerships Team representative, apply to become a partner or reach out to them here.









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