Is your XBOX/PS4/Steam on your FACEIT account correct?

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In order for the matches to properly result you must ensure that your XBOX/PS4 gamertag is correct on your FACEIT account. If you have previously linked your XBOX game account and have changed your gamertag or you think you might have please follow the instructions below to confirm and have this issue resolved before playing in any events. If you link your game account and the gamertag is incorrect please follow the directions below as well to ensure you are able to link the proper account.

  • Head to your Integrations Settings page on your FACEIT accounts personal profile located on the top right corner.


  • Once you are there check to make sure that your XBOX gamertag is the same on your profile as on your XBOX/PS4 or that your Steam name is the same as on your Steam account


If your XBOX/PS4/Steam name is Incorrect

  • If your Xbox gamertag name is incorrect please press the “Disconnect” on the right and then contact our Customer Support team to properly remove your game account from your FACEIT profile as well. While you wait for us to respond to your ticket, please confirm the correct email associated with your XBox account from your settings on your console.
  • For Steam accounts you can not remove the steam name and must directly contact our Customer Support team. If it is just the Steam ID 64 number you can search it here, to confirm it is the correct account.
  • When sending us a Support ticket please choose under the Contact Reason

    Issue or Bug/Rocket League/XBOX/PS4
    Issue or Bug/Rocket League/Steam

  • Please let us know that you need to have your game ID removed in order to update your account.

Please Note:  You must contact our Customer Support team to properly update your account. You can not reset your game ID on your account.


If your Xbox/PS4 Gamertag/Steam name is Correct

  • If your gamertag is the same as on your XBOX. or your Steam name is correct, you are fine and can head to our tournaments page to join any event you wish. Make sure you choose the correct region you are in to sort out any events that you do not qualify for.
  • You can also head to your game settings page and specify your region on your profile to ensure that you don't join any events that you are not supposed to from the main RL home page.


If you have an issue with your Rocket League account please contact our customer support team by clicking below to contact us directly by email

Under the Contact Reason please choose the following: Issue or Bug/Rocket League/XBOX or Issue or Bug/Rocket League/Steam


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