New account initial game registration Rocket League - STEAM

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In order to register your Rocket League account to our platform:

First you must create a FACEIT Account which is the first step in a three step process where you must choose the email you wish to use on your FACEIT account.


The second step will ask you to fill in all your personal info and the account name you would like to use. Once you have done this simply press the confirm button to move to “Step 3”.

chrome_2018-04-26_13-34-37.pngThe third step in the process will ask you to link your game account. Simply just scroll across using the bottom scroll bar till you find the Rocket League image.


Then choose the “Connect Rocket League PC” button and follow the secure login instructions


A new window will pop up that will prompt you for permission to sign into your STEAM account.(Please ensure you sign into the correct email associated with your STEAM game account you want to use)


Once the registration of the game is completed you will then be able to click the “Done” button on the bottom of the pop up window.


A successful connection will show you the “Start” button on the main game registration window which will then redirect you to the main Rocket league page.


After you join the main Rocket League page you will be prompted on the top of the browser to verify your email on your FACEIT account. Simply just click the “Verify” button and you will be sent an email.


Just open your email associated with your FACEIT account and click the link provided to confirm the verification.


You will then be directed to FACEIT where you will get a pop up notification stating your account email is successfully verified.


If you have an issue connecting your Rocket League account please contact our customer support team by clicking below to contact us directly by email

Under the Contact Reason please choose the following: Game Registration/ROCKET LEAGUE


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