How to find the Universal Open Events and Organizer page

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There is two ways to access the events on the platform for Rocket league. You can either head over to the Universal Open’s main organizer page where all the events will be listed for you to sign up to. Or you can find them in our featured tournaments listings.


How to find the tournaments page listing.

  • The featured tournaments listings is easy to find as it is located on your left sidebar after you have linked your account.


  • Make sure that you sort the listing by the game and the region you are located in as well.


How to find the Universal Open organizer page

  • You can search for the organizer page on the top right of the website beside your profile icon in the search bar


  • Simply just click on show all results or scroll down to the bottom of the listings and click on the organizer listing directly. If you click on show results it will take you to the main search section of the site.


  • From there you can just choose the Organizers option and it will be listed at the top for you as seen above. Once you click on the organizer it will take you directly to their main page which has all the events listed.


  • Once you have found and joined the event it will be listed on the left side of your browser, under the Tournaments section as seen below. It will also let you know the days/hours and min till the event begins.


  • Make sure you also follow the organizer so you can easily find them again from your main profile. Under your Followers listing.


If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket to our Customer Support team by clicking below to contact us directly by email

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