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When your order status is on Action required, it’s no longer being processed.

We add a note to explain what went wrong that prevented us from sending the Steam item to your account. It is important that you contact us with your Order ID here.

Below is a list provided of the notes we add to your order when something has gone wrong:

“Your Steam Guard is preventing you from receiving trade offers, please contact FACEIT Support”


It is important that your account is ready to receive offline trades on your account. If you change your password of make any account changes to your Steam, your account will receive a trade cooldown. For more info you can check out the Steam article here.

“Your Trade URL has expired, please contact FACEIT Support”


The Trade URL you have placed with your order has expired! Simply send a ticket with a new working trade URL and we can update your order!

“Your Steam inventory is set to "Private", please contact FACEIT Support”


You can have your Steam profile on private, but your Steam Inventory needs to be public in order to receive offline trades! For a in depth guide on how to set up your account, check out the article here. 

“You have provided the wrong URL, please contact FACEIT Support”


You might have sent us an incomplete URL, or accidentally a link to a YouTube video (happens quite often!) It is important that you contact us with your Order ID so we can quickly change this for you


If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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