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We have attempted to clarify several points within the rules based on questions we have received.


  • Q: I see there are two brackets for my Qualifier. What do I need to do to advance? 

A: The Online Qualifier for each region is a single tournament under the same Tournament Rules. In the event an additional bracket was opened for the Online Qualifier in your region, players will be randomly seeded in the applicable bracket and must win out the entire bracket. The winners of the two brackets will each qualify for the Regional Finals but will play a deciding match to determine seedings for the Live Regional Finals (see Section 3 – “Qualification Process” in the Official Rules). Based on your schedule, you may switch your entry from one bracket to the other.

Please note: If your regional open qualifier for a given weekend has two separate brackets, indicated by an additional “B” bracket, you may only participate in one or the other. You may not play multiple qualifier brackets per weekend.


  • Q: How do I correctly host an Online Versus Lobby for NHLGWC?

A: The player on the LEFT of the Match Room on FACEIT must host the Online Versus Lobby in
NHL 18. The host must ALWAYS choose the HOME team side in order to avoid any disputes and
confusion about the End of Game score. The HOME team side is assigned to the player by
default when hosting an Online Versus Lobby. Players can manually choose it by navigating to
the right with their controller in the Online Versus Lobby.

The host must use the correct game settings as described in the Official Rules (See Section 3.1 -
Game Settings).


  • Q: Which screenshots should I capture to report a match result?

A: Results for the 2018 NHLGWC Online Qualifiers are self-reported. In order to confirm results accurately and efficiently, we require an (1) End-of-Game screenshot showing the final score, together with a supplemental screenshot of the (2) Online Versus Lobby while both players are connected and on the correct sides (host should always be the home team, this means they stay on the right in the NHL 18 Online Versus Lobby). An ADMIN may request screenshots as evidence to confirm the outcome of a game (See Section 6.3 of the Tournament Rules).

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and to avoid disputes, we recommend Players capture additional evidence such as VODs if they streamed a match, cellphone images/videos and end-game highlight clips captured through their console.


  • Q: Can I use the ‘Position Lock’ setting?

 A: No. The ‘Position Lock’ setting is not a game default setting in EA SPORTS NHL 18 and therefore may not be used (See Section 3.1 of the Tournament Rules). Use of ‘position lock’ setting is a forbidden in-game action under Section 7 of the Tournament Rules. Please use the CONTACT ADMIN feature and provide screenshots and other appropriate evidence if you believe the ‘position lock’ setting is being used.


  • Q: Can I play with a different NHL team?

 A: Yes. You can play with your favorite team, its rival, the team with your favorite jersey, or any team you think gives you the best chance to advance a round. You can switch between games or stick with one team all the way to Las Vegas.


  • Q: Can I play with my friends?

 A: No. We encourage you and all of your friends to sign up for the 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship and compete against each other. Gameplay is strictly one-on-one. Competing with multiple players on the same team is a forbidden in-game action under Section 7 of the Tournament Rules. Please use the CONTACT ADMIN feature and provide screenshots and other appropriate evidence if you believe multiple players are competing on the same team.


  • Q: Will I be notified when check-in opens?

 A: Yes. FACEIT will send you an email approximately 48 hours prior to the start of the Tournament to announce check-in.


  • Q: Can I play with injured or scratched players? 

A: Yes. You can use any player that is currently on either the active or inactive team roster which includes injured or scratched players.


  • Q: How will I know if my Online Qualifier is going to be played over one or two days?

A: Unless the registration page of your Online Qualifier specifically states otherwise, all Online Qualifiers will be held over two (2) days. The "Overview" tab for each Online Qualifier will list "Round Schedule" with starting times for each day and round.


  • Q: What if my opponent disconnects?

A: If your opponent disconnects, you should capture as much evidence as possible. This
includes screenshots of the “Lost Connection” error message, Online Versus Lobby, End of Game screen, as well as video clips showing the final moments of the game before the disconnect, VODs of your stream showing the incident, and any other evidence that will help your case.





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