How do I set the Result after a Match?

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  • After playing the match, players are responsible for reporting the result of the game
  • By pressing the “SET RESULT” button in the center of the match room, players may select and submit the end result of the match


A popup will appear offering the player a drop-down menu to set the winner of the match


Players can submit by pressing the “SET RESULT” button after correctly entering the outcome of the match



  • Players are expected to proactively post proof of the match result into the Match Room chat, by means of screenshots uploaded to http://imgur.com or similar services
  • After the result was submitted, an admin will confirm it based on the screenshots provided
  • In order for the event to run as smoothly as possible and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we kindly ask players who lost their match to navigate to their FACEIT Match Rooms and submit the result for each match without delay

If the result is confirmed, the winner of the match will advance in the tournament bracket


In case there is an issue and the result is disputed, a live ticket is issued to an admin of the tournament who will help resolve the situation



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