How do I join a Tournament or Qualifier?

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In order to participate in a tournament or qualifier, please follow these steps

  • Head over to the tournament page (via a direct link, a third party’s organiser page, or from NHL’s game dashboard)
  • On the signup page, join the tournament by pressing the “JOIN” button





  • Check-In: 48 hours before the tournament goes live, the option to check in to the tournament will open up on FACEIT


  • Players will receive notifications to their email (linked with FACEIT) when check-ins open

Players will be automatically removed if they do not check in to the tournament within 30 minutes of the tournament starting



Late Check-In: Players that were removed from the tournament for not checking in, as well as new players, will have the chance to sign up and check in to the tournament in one step, if there are slots available. The late check-in window opens 30 minute prior to the tournament starting.



  • Once the tournament starts, the bracket will be automatically created by the FACEIT platform.
  • Players will be notified of this through  a popup message on the FACEIT platform
  • Users may press the “GO TO MATCH” button on the platform notification, or a link to their match on the tournament signup page



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