How do I connect to a PUBG match?

Select your PUBG matchmaking queue in the leagues and ladders section ( Example shown here is PUBG Squad FPP ) Click the orange ‘Play’ button on the top right of your screen to queue for a match.


When a match is found, a box stating ‘Get Ready! Your ALPHA match is starting now’ will appear. Click the ‘X’ to access the lobby.


Once all the players have joined the FACEIT lobby, the match will automatically begin.

The custom server name and password will be displayed on the left side of your screen. Ensure you click the ‘Eye’ symbol to view the password and remember it before copying the custom server name.


Please note: Players are encouraged to open PUBG before queueing to speed up the matchmaking process.

What do I do next?

Once PUBG is fully loaded, click ' Custom Match (Open Beta) ' located at the top left-hand side of your screen on the main menu.

Select ' Normal Mode ' from the custom match selection room. Paste the copied match ID into the search box found at the top middle of the screen and press enter.

This will locate your match from the list of custom games. Once found, press join and enter the password you memorised from earlier.

This will grant you access to the match lobby. Sit tight and wait for your fellow competitors to join. Once the number has reached the required amount, the match will begin. Good luck!

Direct link Joining a Lobby - PUBG


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