[XBOX ONE] How do I register my NHL account on FACEIT?

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* Please remember you cannot unlink XBOX ONE accounts and move them to another account

  • Click on 'Add Game' in the left navigation
  • Choose the NHL 18 image on the pop up window that appears (1)

If you are experiencing issues during registration, please send us a support ticket with the appropriate reason here.


Game Registration Popup



  • Choose your platform (XBOX ONE in this case)
  • Click the “REGISTER” button
  • The FACEIT platform will automatically assign you the correct region (NA or EU)
  • Enter your XBOX Live credentials in the sign-in popup that appears (2)


Microsoft Live Sign-In Popup



  • After successfully linking your XBOX Live and FACEIT accounts, hit “CONNECT” and you are done!
  • Be sure to link the correct XBOX Live account that you use to play NHL 18!


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