Insidia - Match Lifecycle

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How do I start the Match? 

Its really simple as we have worked closely with the developer to integrate the site into the game in order to make the flow of the competition as seamless as possible.

All you have to do is have the game open when the match starts on the platform. From there it is all handled within the game and you will receive an automatic invite on the top middle of your screen where you can accept the match.

How does the game start?

Once both players have accepted the match you are prompted to chose your four champions that you would like to use for the match. When both players have completed this process and pressed the ready button the game will then start and you will taken to the main board of the game to begin the match.

From there its all about just playing the game and having fun!

How does the game Result?

When the match finishes and a winner is declared in game the match room will automatically update the score and the appropriate winner will be declared as well on the site.

We hope everyone who plays has fun and enjoys this new game we have added to the platform as it is a unique and interesting competitive game for all players who like strategic and challenging opponent based 1v1 games.

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