When will I receive my item?

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If you have purchased an item on the FACEIT Shop, it takes 21 days (3 weeks) for it to be delivered! If we have exceeded this time requirement please do not hesitate to send us a ticket.

The waiting time on the Shop has been changed due to Valve’s new trading policy, we are working hard to make sure to keep up with the demand with the manpower and tools we have available!

If your Order Status is set to “Action Required” click here.

Below we have provided per category what could cause a delay and go into depth on our Shop policies.

CSGO & Dota2 Skins:

  • We manually trade skins per day to the account that is linked from the FACEIT account you have ordered from, we do not send skins to your friend’s account!
  • Expensive items such as knives and gloves will take up to 30 days due to the high value cost of the item.
  • The trade offer will be pending for 3 days before we cancel and refund your order.

LoL Mystery Chest:

  • A friend request will be sent from our LoL prizing account, due to Riot’s gifting restrictions, both accounts have to be friends for a day before we are able to process your order for the next 3 weeks
  • We gift this through the LoL client for the EUW and EUNE regions only!

Physical items, merchandise, esports and hardware:

This all falls under “Hardware” which is explained more on this article.

WoT, LoL, Smite codes:

  • We have codes available for the appropriate region and platform listed, we do not refund purchased codes so make sure to choose the correct code linked to the region/platform you play on!
  • Codes are restocked in the shop depending on the activity on the platform. Due to this we're only able to make a limited amount of requests to the companies who provide the codes,
  • WoT items are gifted through the account you provide us, this will remain pending for 30 days until it expires. We cannot refund this once it expires!

If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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