Overwatch - How to register(Now Closed)

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Required Details:

How to create/register an account

  • Head over to www.faceit.com and choose the "Signup" button on the top right corner.
  • You will receive a confirmation email(check your spam/junk folder too!)
  • Fill in all your pertinent information.
  • Then add your battle.net account for the Overwatch game.
  • Then ensure that you have defined the region you are playing in here

How to add friends

  • Make sure your friends have registered as well, and also defined their region in their game settings.
  • From the search bar located on the top left side you can search and find their names.
  • The best bet is to ask them for their public profile link to ensure you have added the correct person to your friends list.
  • Once you have added them they will receive a confirmation request located on the top right on the world icon.
  • When they have all accepted your friend requests you can then create your premade team.

How to create a premade team/add friends

  • Under Teams on the left side navigation bar choose "+ CREATE TEAM"
  • Fill in the pertinent information and the team will be created.
  • You will then be directed immediately to the teams public page
  • Choose the "Team Settings" button, which will take you to where you can add your friends
  • If they are in your friends list when you start to type their FACEIT name it will just appear.
  • Select the five players you wish to have on your team.
  • An invite will be sent to them and they must accept.

How to register a team and check in

  • Once all your friends are on your team you can register for the event.
  • Just navigate to the event and choose "Join Tournament with Team" 
  • You will be then added to the event.

Common questions to touch on

  • You can not add a friend to a team if they have not registered the game associated with the team, or defined the region from their game settings page
  • You can not join the event if not a full six man roster
  • If you want to change a player you must leave and then rejoin choosing your correct roster
  • Can I join solo? No, as the registration period has now concluded
  • Can I join as a party? No, as the registration period has now concluded

*** Text in red does not have to do with a preamade team.***




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