FACEIT Support Options

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What kind of support do we offer?

There are currently two ways to seek assistance on our platform.

The first is via Live Chat (Tech Support); located within our match rooms and accessed by team captains. This service offers real time live support for matches set up on the platform.

The other is to submit a support ticket to our dedicated Customer Support team.

What is Tech Support?

Tech support is a Live Chat support system provided to assist players in regards to technical issues during a live match on the platform.

The support is provided by volunteers who want to help and contribute to the community. These volunteers are players just like you who want to help the community matches to run smoothly and fix any issues with live matches.

Who are Customer Support?

A team of full time Customer Support representatives, specialists and experts who are here to provide the best support/experience possible to all users on the platform and are skilled in handling every type of enquiry. 

We are currently located in London, Montreal, Vancouver, and California.




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