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How can I know my account is secure?

First thing you should do is create a proper password that will ensure your account is kept secure. We recommend either using a password generator program or at least creating a password that you can remember but that has at least the following things:

  • Lower Case letters
  • Upper Case letters
  • Number/s

Please note: To ensure your password is secure do not use the same password you use for other accounts on the web, and never use the same password you use for your email account.

You should never let anyone else use your account. Not only is this a breach in the Terms and Conditions you agreed to, but it gives this person easy access to your personal information on your account.

Running periodic scans of your computer to ensure you do not have any virus's or malware on your computer is a great preventative measure as well.

Public vs Private Environments

The difference here is that a public place is considered anywhere outside of your home.

If you have siblings who have access to your computer at home, you need to treat it like a public environment as well. You need to log out of your account at home as well if you do not want anyone using it by accident.

This also includes your phone! Your phone is a dual zone environment and can be used to access all of your personal information. In other words guard it with your life :)

When logged in to your account at a friends house or a public place such as a internet cafe, please ensure when you are finished playing that you log out of your account. Not just your FACEIT account but also your game accounts and anything else you have had to log into while playing. 

  • FACEIT account
  • Steam account
  • Game account
  • VOIP accounts(ex. Skype, Discord)
  • Social Media accounts(ex. FACEBOOK, Twitter)
  • Google account
  • Email account

The list goes on and on. Also clearing your cache and cookies from the current browser you are using is recommended as well.

Please note: Playing in a public place is also a risk as well since many game computers could have hacks installed on them. If the internet cafe does not regularly wipe their drives your account could end up getting banned for cheating. Remember you are responsible for your account security, even when using a computer that is not your own.

LAN Environments(BYOC)

When playing at a LAN please ensure that if you have to walk away from your computer, that you have set up your Windows operating system to have a password and ensure you log out of your WINDOWS account.

Also ensure that you do not have Guest access enabled on your operating system either. This will guarantee that no one can just sit down and start using your computer in a public place.


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