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How can I request a refund?

We have different refund policies on each item in the FACEIT Shop. ­To request a refund on any items that meet the requirements below please create a support ticket under the heading Shop Order. Label the title Refund and provide the information required in each heading below.

You may not request any refunds or initially dispute payment of a shop order item 30 days past the final completion date marked on your My Prizes profile page.


If you wish to refund a CSGO or Dota2 Item we will gladly do so if your order is still pending.

If the item has been sent, please cancel the trade in Steam and send a screenshot that shows the trade has been canceled along with the request of a refund.

League of Legends

With Skins and Mystery Chests we allow refunds if your order is still pending.

World of Tanks

In World of Tanks we allow refunds as long as your order is still pending. Once we have gifted the order to your account we can not cancel so it is considered sent and not refundable.

­ Hardware/Esports Items:
Hardware orders are allowed to be refunded if the item has not been shipped yet.

Items with codes:

Any item you order where you are given a code to redeem the item in game is non refundable as these codes are a one time send item and only visible to you the purchaser. We will not refund any codes that you have ordered from your account. If you are having issues redeeming the code however please send us a ticket and we will attempt to assist you with the redemption of the code.


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