Initial game registration Dota 2 FAQ

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How do I register my Dota2 account on the platform?

First, you need to log into OpenDota with your Steam account here. 


Once you've logged in, you will be forwarded to your OpenDota profile page.


Please also make sure you have completed the DOTA 2 tutorial in game.


After this, if you already have your Steam account linked to our platform from another game

You must follow this process:  

  • Click on 'Add Game' in the left navigation on FACEIT
  • Choose the Dota2 image on the pop up window that appears
  • Choose the Link steam account
  • Once our system has added your account you will see Dota 2 as registered
  • Choose the appropriate region you want to play in from your game settings page

Please Note: All Steam accounts must be set to Public in order to be registered on our platform.

If you have a VAC banned account in another game and wish to add Dota2



If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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