Dota2 TI9 Major Open Qualifiers - FAQ

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How to register and play in Open Qualifiers

  • First of all you need to create a team on FACEIT -



  • After that you need to add your players to the team. In order to invite them to the team, you need to be their friend on the platform.
  • To add someone on FACEIT as a friend, you need to visit their profile and click ‘’Add friend’’


Once your team is complete feel free to navigate to the Valve page on FACEIT and select open qualifier you wish to participate in.


  • Remember! If you change your roster after you already signed up to the tournament, you need to leave the event and re-register for the tournament, otherwise you will need to play with your old signed up roster and that might get you disqualified since your new player won’t be able to join the lobby.
  • Arrive for the check-in. They start 2 hours before open qualifier begin. This is when you confirm your participation. If you fail to check-in 30 mins before tournament start, you might lose your spot to many other teams/players who are waiting to enter the tournament but didn’t sign up prior to filling.

  • After you check-in successfully, you need to wait for open qualifiers to start.
  • When the open qualifier starts, brackets will be created and you will be invited to your match page where you will meet your first opponent.


  • You will receive an invitation to the lobby inside the Dota2 client. Accept it and join the game. Once everyone joins, the match will automatically start(ensure you have invites enabled for non-friends in your settings).
  • After the match ends, FACEIT will fetch the result and stats automatically. You will advance in the bracket and wait for your next opponent.
  • When your next opponent finishes their match, your match will immediately start (Delay between rounds can be 0 minutes, so be ready to jump into another match)
  • Each match has a 15 min warmup allowing teams to rest between matches. If you wish to use this break ensure that all players have joined except one but do not wait to the last second to join the lobby or you risk receiving a default loss in the match if it aborts.

How can i get disqualified?

Most of disqualifications are coming from three reasons:

  • Team/player not showing up
  • Player is on wrong steam account, which is not connected with his FACEIT account (meaning our bot can't invite you to lobby)
  • Player didn't enable in settings ''receive invitations from non-friends'' - the bot is not your friend sir (sadly the bot also can't invite you to a lobby)


How can i check what is my steam account on FACEIT?

To check your steam account on FACEIT, you need to go to top right, select settings, game settings and check the steam ID above your Dota2 information. You need to use that steam account to play games on FACEIT, since only that account will get the invitation by the bot for you to join the match lobby.



You don’t have a team? You can sign up solo!

You can sign up solo as well. FACEIT system will match you with other players who signed up as stack or solo. Solo players may sign up to play once the check-in period has begun(2 hrs prior to the start of the event).

Can one person check-in my team or everyone needs to be here?

Captain must be the one who check-in for the team. Your team only has to be there for the start time (When the bot hands out the lobby invites)

Can I make changes to my team after i sign-up for the qualifier?

No! If you want to make a change, leave the event and join back to update the player list which is signed up for the tournament. This is another thing which leads to disqualifications, since your changed player won't be invited by the bot since he is not on the updated list.

Can my stand-ins play in the open qualifier?

No. Official Valve rules state that you can use only 5 same players throughout the Open Qualifier. Stand-ins are for future stages of TI9.


When does the game start and how do i play?

Brackets will be created live after the start time (It takes 1-2 minutes). After that, each match will have its own match page (Which you can reach through the qualifier page by clicking match page button). Nevertheless, after bracket creation all matches have ''configuring'' status. Once they are ''ready'', bot will invite your steam accounts inside Dota2. You have 15 minutes to join or you will get a default loss (Admins might give you more time in case both teams are present after expiration, as long as you answer to an admin on the match page)

How do I submit match result?

You don't. FACEIT automatically hosts the matches and automatically fetches the match result.

When does my next match start?

As soon as your next enemy has finished their game. The match page will be created and lobby configured. You will have again have a 15 minutes warm-up to join.

How do I contact an admin in case I need help / in case of an emergency?

Your captain needs to contact the live support on the match page.

In case it's a really big emergency, feel free to write to us on the TI6 Open Qualifier Discord Server

Qualifier is full. Dream dead?

No! Just stay on the qualifier page and try to sign up when someone leaves. Someone leaves every 20-30 seconds, so if you are fast enough you might get a slot.

If that does not work, come 30 minutes before tournament starts. All teams that did not check-in will lose their reserved spot and you/stacks/all solo players will be able to sign up and check-in in same time.

How are seedings created and what is FACEIT level (1-10)

It's based on your performance in past Open Qualifiers in Valve Tournaments and also big third party organizer qualifiers such as Summit, Epicenter, etc. This allows young teams to perform better and better over the time and build their own profile on FACEIT and have higher level (If you are winning of course). This allows you to have a better seeding in the next tournament.

So guys, every round counts!

Of course not everyone started from zero. Many big teams and players got their skill level from the first Open Qualifier last year on FACEIT where we used MMR as head start for your FACEIT Elo rating and skill level.



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