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How can I/we join a tournament? 

To register in a tournament there's 3 ways.

  • With Party - which means you create a party of 5 people using the create party button, then you join with the people in that party
  • With Team - You've made a premade team on FACEIT, and you join with that roster. *They don't need to be in your party at the time.
  • As Solo - Once the check in stage begins you can join into a matchmaking style queue. As soon as there are enough players in the queue to create a team for the specified team size of the event you are joining. Our system will  create a mix team and automatically check your mix team into the event.

Do remember, once you've signed up to a tournament, you cannot change your roster without having to leave the tournament first.

In addition, its only a team captain who can "check in" the team. 

Good to know Tournament Info

 Check-in Stage

  • Once a team captain signs up, that captain must also check-in to the tournament 1 hour before the start time. (This can change depending on the tournament, but the time is displayed on the tournament page). Thirty minutes before the start of the event any teams that have not checked in but were signed up to play will be dropped, thus creating space for other teams to join as well.
  • Players wishing to join as solo can do so once the check in begins, but only if the event is not full. If the cup is full solo players will have to wait until 30 minutes before the tournament starts, after the check-in period has ended. There must be enough other solo players in the solo queue for the specified tournament team size in order for a team to be created.

Roster change Info

  • To change a member of your team after you have signed up to a tournament, you must first leave the tournament and then sign up again with the correct roster. 

Stand-ins and Ranked LvL Cups.

  • Currently we don’t allow standins unless explicitly stated in the ruleset of the event.
  • Some Tournaments are limited to players equal to or below specific skill levels, such as 3/7/10 for FACEIT Points cups. This skill level is determined by the average elo of the 5 players on the team. Some players may be above the required level, but as long as the average is below or the same as the specified Rank in the event then they are allowed to participate.

Organizer & Qualifier Events

  • Third party tournaments will almost always use a custom ruleset, so be sure to check the rules for these tournaments.
  • Make sure you also look for the special FAQ articles we post for all upcoming events here in the knowledge base for more information.




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