How can I register for a tournament?

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How can I/we join a tournament? 

To register in a tournament there's 3 ways.

  • With Party - which means you create a party of 5 people using the create party button, then you join with the people in that party
  • With Team - You've made a premade team on FACEIT, and you join with that roster. *They don't need to be in your party at the time.
  • As Solo - You can join into a matchmaking style queue. As soon as there are enough players in the queue to create a team for the specified team size of the event you are joining. Our system will  create a mix team and automatically check your mix team into the event.

Do remember, once you've signed up to a tournament, you cannot change your roster without having to leave the tournament first.

In addition, its only a team captain who can "check in" the team. 


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