How do I get into the FACEIT Pro League? 

  • The only way to get into the FPL is qualifying directly from FPL-Challenger, or from our partnered hubs within the EU Region.
  • We no longer accept applications for consideration directly into this league anymore. All access must be achieved through our Monthly Qualifier ladders outlined below.

So how do I qualify?

  • Take a look here: - FACEIT Pro League
  • All players will be contacted with information through their emails linked to their FACEIT accounts.
  • This ladder is played usually the second weekend of the following month. Running both Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 - 20:00 pm CET.
  • The top 2 players in this C-FPL Qualifier EU Ladder will advance into the FPL EU. The top two players in the FPL-C in NA automatically advance to the FPL NA. 
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