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The error message “It looks like the profile you’re connecting doesn’t have the game or your game privacy settings are not public means that your Steam Account’s Game Privacy Settings are set to “Friends Only” or “Private”. To be able to add a game to your FACEIT account, you must have this set to “Public”.


Steps to changing Game Privacy Settings

  • Head to your Profile Privacy Settings Page (from the Steam Client, head to your profile page > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings)
  • Click “▼” next to “Game details” and select Public
  • Depending on the game you are attempting to add, you may need to untick “Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details.”




If you’re receiving the following error while verifying your game ID:

An error has occurred trying to register the game. Please contact support.

This means there is a possibility of issues with your game account:

  • First and foremost please check to make sure the game you are trying to add does not have any issues and  is currently up and actively working you can do so by going here - Steam Status, LoL Status, Smite Status.
  • Your profile is set to Private or Friends Only. Please ensure your account is set to Public and then try adding your Steam account again.
  • Some of our games have hour restrictions in order to play on our platform:
TF2 200 hours
CS:GO 25 hours
  • You have a Steam VAC ban in another game that is not hosted on our platform. In this case you must contact our Customer Support team in order for us to manually add your game account.

When you contact us please include the following information:

  • FACEIT profile name:(exact spelling)
  • Email:
  • Steam nickname:
  • Steam ID 32 (steam_x:xxxxxxx):
  • Steam ID 64 (76…):
  • Gametype(Dota2/CSGO/TF2):

(You can get the details about your Steam account via www.steamrep.com just sign in to the Valve secure login and then click on your Steam Avatar image and it will show your information we require.)

Please Note: We do not allow any Steam accounts with a VAC ban under 365 days to register on our platform. If you have a VAC ban in any games that we currently host on our site you will not be able to play with the account for a period of two years.


If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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