CS:GO - Server not responding to commands

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Our server is not responding. What shall we do?

If you are the team captain and the server does not respond to your chat commands, ensure you are typing them in the all chat and not team chat.

All players can issue these commands.

  • !ready the match
  • !switch/stay
  • !pause the match 

The pause command in matchmaking is the default 60 second pause offered by the game. In cups/tournaments the pause will be awarded as a full ten minute countdown pause and is a toggle command.

If the server does not respond when you type a command, it is most likely because:

  • You are trying to issue a command from team chat instead of general chat to everyone.
  • You have typed the command incorrectly.

What to do if the match is aborted?

If the match is aborted the team that was present and !ready to play will receive the win.


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