CS:GO - Match Lifecycle

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 How do I start the Match? 

Firstly, you must be the Captain!

To start a game and end the warm up, you would need to open the in game chat (default command is y) and type !ready.

When should I write !ready?

When you join our servers, you will see that the game is on warm up. When all your teammates are connected the match will automatically start.

If in a cup, in order to end the warm up it is necessary that the two team captains type !ready.

What shall I do as captain at the end of the knife round?

If you are the team captain and your team won the knife round, you are entitled to choose the side of the map (terrorist or counter terrorist). As a good captain, you will ask your team from which side they would like to play and reach an agreement based on the team majority.
Once you have decided, you would need to type !stay if you wish to remain on the side you currently have or !switch to pick the other map side. After the side has been selected, you would need to write !ready.
If you are the team captain and your team lost the knife round, you would need to wait that the enemy team picks their side. Once they have, you would need to type !ready.

What shall I do at half time?

At half time, teams are automatically switched by our system, and the game resumes automatically.


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