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How the End Game match reporting works

When your match has concluded you will notice that every player in your match room will have a thumbs up/down option. This feature is only available for 10 min prior to the game concluding and resulting in the room.

When you report each player you will see that a successful thumbs up will be indicated as green and thumbs down will be red. Also when reporting a player with a thumbs down you are asked to leave an additional comment as well if you wish to.

This system is designed to create a specific report on all players. These reports can be flagged as good by giving each player a thumbs up or bad by a thumbs down. These reports are known as the FACEIT Behavioural Index or F.B.I. 


These reports take into account the match being played, the player reporting and the player being reported. Within these three categories the system also takes into account a multitude of variables as well in order to compile a proper and more accurate index of each player. 

Why is there not specific categories for all types of abuse?

We have narrowed it down to keep it simple initially but that is why we offer an option to put your own comments in as needed. 

  • Player AFK - Self explanatory we think ;)
  • Cheating - Also fairly evident of what this report should be about and encourage you to please use the written report section to fill in what type of cheat you think it might be. This also includes suspected smurf accounts of cheaters.
  • Verbal Abuse - This is for any type of in game done verbally or also text base can be included in this report. The in game match room chat abuse also falls under this category as well.
  • Toxic Behaviour - This is for all other types of abuse in game, this also includes, trolling, griefing, feeding, ghosting, unsportsmanlike conduct, and also inappropriate kicks from Premium matches.


Why should I file a written report on an abusive player?

We do encourage you to please also file a written report with these types of keywords as this is also something that will feed into a player's FBI score and effect and influence their score that much more based on the same types of reports in each continuous match that they play.


For Example: A player is reported for "Toxic behaviour" in three matches in a row but there is no specific report sent about what type of toxicity is being reported then the system will only end up warning the player as it can not determine if it is for the same abuse. But if this player is reported twice in two different matches for ghosting the system will warn this player at the end of the second match and prior to the third match they play. 

In other words a player can not be instantly awarded a temporary cooldown from one report, or a bad game or a false report. The system has been gathering information and profiling reports since it was put in place. We also believe that a player deserves at least some type of warning prior to temporarily suspending their accounts for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" 


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