End of game Match Room Reporting

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How the End game match reporting works

When your match has concluded you will notice that every player in your match room will have a thumbs up/down option.

When you report each player you will see that a successful thumbs up will be indicated as green and thumbs down will be red. Also when reporting a player with a thumbs down you are asked to leave an additional comment as well if you wish to.

This system is designed to create a specific report on all players. These reports can be flagged as good by giving each player a thumbs up or bad by a thumbs down. These reports are known as the FACEIT Behavioural Index or F.B.I. 

These reports take into account the match being played, the player reporting and the player being reported. Within these three categories the system also takes in to account a multitude of variables as well in order to compile a proper and more accurate index of each player. 

In other words a player can not be instantly awarded a temporary cooldown from one report, or a bad game or a false report. The system has been gathering information and profiling reports since it was put in place over a year ago. 

There are three ways that we identify abusive players/cheaters.

  • The first and most effective way is you can report players at the end of a match. Based on the amount of reports we receive, the score of the players who are reporting and the score of the player who is being reported, we will investigate further.
  • Second, we have our anti cheat system that has detection and prevention enabled for certain cheats. When a player is detected by our anti cheat they are immediately removed from the server and the match is cancelled. 

  • Third, you can submit a demo to us via our Support System. We cannot investigate based on just an accusation and we’ll need you to provide us with the room page URL & time frames so we can make the right call. This is the most powerful way to report a cheater as it allows us to view the footage and see it ourselves.

Your score depends on how many players you reported, good and bad and how useful these reports were in the past. So remember to rate your fellow team mates and your opponents as well the more accurate your reporting is the better response the system has.

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