Unranked Monthly Ladder Info

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General Information:

All of our prizing is given out manually by our prizing department. All prizes will be processed after the good standing of the winning players has been checked by our Prizing Department, any questionable accounts will also be checked by our Demo Team. Any players caught cheating, boosting, or smurfing will not be eligible to receive their prize, and their accounts will subsequently be banned according to our ban policy. 

When will I receive the Premium on my account?

The ladders are paid out by the first Monday or Tuesday of the new calendar month. Players will be manually upgraded for exactly a one month period. This means if we pay out on the 5th your subscription will last till the 5th of the following month.

What if I already have a subscription on my account?

Only free users are eligible to win the monthly subscriptions, if you have an active subscription at the time the ladder is paid we will award the prize to the next player without a subscription.
Also this prize can not be added to another account or given to a friend to use either since this violates our T&C, in regards to multiple accounts and prize sharing. 

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