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When creating your account the country you choose determines the region your account is placed in as default. If you choose the incorrect country you reside in, you will be placed in the wrong region.

My account is region locked for two days?

When you go to your game settings and change your region in a specific game, your account is automatically given a two day region block for that specific game. 



Once you have chosen the region you will be issued a pop up that you must accept in order to change to a different region. 




Once you have accepted this pop up notification your account will indicate the acceptance by issuing a region block on the game you have changed the region to.



You will not be able to queue with players into a party in a different region either. You will have to wait out the region block time in order to be able to play in your default region again.

Please note: The 24hr Customer Support team can not manually change this for you. You will have to wait for the block to be removed automatically by the platform on the date specified in your game settings



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