SMITE PC - Match finished with no result?

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On rare occasions, it is possible that you have finished your match, but the system is not finding the result.

If after 5 minutes you are still receiving this error message, you should contact our Live Tech Support team and inform them about the issue.

Who shall call the Customer Support Team?

In order to ensure a quicker resolution of the different issues, only the team captain will be able to call our Live Tech Support team by clicking on the "Support" button.

Which information should be provided to the Customer Support Team? 

  • Link to your match on FACEIT
  • Screenshot of the match results from your game. Please do not exit the game until you know the win has been awarded in order to screen shot the match scoreboard to provide as proof of win to our Live Tech Support
  • What will happen when we call the Live Customer Support Team?

From this page in game you can then click on the online stats on the top right corner and it will open your browser and provide you with a public result of the match you finished, which you can give the URL to the Live Tech Support admin dealing with your match.

Example of the above match results online - Match Details

Our team will check your match status and the screenshots you provided them with. The win will be set accordingly to the evidence provided. 

My name and results are not shown publicly online?

If you can not see your name or when you search your name on the Smite site and do not see your custom matches it is because you have chosen to hide your profile. 


Just uncheck the "Hide My Profile" from your player profile settings in game, and all your custom matches will be shown when you search your matches as well using the Smite player search tool


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