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 How do I join the match in game?

Before you queue into our system please have the game client already up and running. This is to ensure you will receive the private custom match invite.

  • You will see a notification to join the private lobby.
  • Accept to join the lobby.
  • Once all players join the private custom game lobby the game will commence and move into the God selection screen.


How do I find the game manually on my own?

To find the game manually you will need to look for the game in your Private Custom Games folder

After you click on the custom button in the first row you will see the "ROOM LIST" button appear. Click on that button and it will direct you to the Custom match rooms page.

Ensure that you have the "Show Private games" checked on the bottom middle of the window. If the matches do not show up during the initial parse for servers please click the refresh button and they should then show up for you. Once you have checked the "Show Private games", it will always then show these matches for you.

You now need to find your match in game. To do this look at the FACEIT match room URL and take note of the first 12 characters of the GUID of the match room.

Now look for the match room in game with the same twelve characters and click on that match room. A new window will pop up asking for the password to the room. From the FACEIT match room page you can see in the center of the page, the password for the Custom Private Match room page.

Take that password and enter it into the window provided and then choose the "OK" button and you will then join the match and be placed on the appropriate team automatically.

I do not get an invite in game?

If you have not received the above invite in game or you have tried to join manually and you are kicked from the lobby. Please read this article -: Smite - Not receiving invites to a lobby


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