How To Cancel your Subscription

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How to Cancel a Subscription

In order to cancel your subscription you must first do so before the renewal date specified on your subscription settings page.

You can find this information located on the right and it says “Renews On” and then a date format of dd/mm/yyyy.

There is a three step process that you must follow in order to cancel your subscription.

The first step is on your subscription settings page located on the bottom right corner. Just click on the words “Cancel Subscription”. This will take you to a second page where you must confirm the cancellation.

At this point you have not cancelled your subscription. You must click on the “Cancel Subscription” again in order to confirm that you truly are not interested in renewing your subscription. Once you have done this you will receive a pop up window.

This is the final step in the subscription cancellation process and once you click on the “YES I AM” button, your subscription will be cancelled and will not renew.

You will then be directed to a new window which will confirm that your subscription has been cancelled by our system. We will also ask you for your thoughts on cancelling your subscription and a quick feedback. Please take the time to fill it out we do want to know what the community thinks and where we can improve in the future.

Once you have submitted the survey the full cancellation is complete. Your subscription will still last the full amount of time that you paid for and will then downgrade to a free account.

From your subscription settings page you will now see instead of “Renews On” it will state “Active until” and then the date that your subscription will finish.

Please note: All of our subscriptions have a seven day grace period that extends your subscription by a full week after the date it was set to expire. :)

A further note: Paypal subscribers that cancel their subscription through the active subscriptions option on their Paypal account will not see this change on their profile but the subscription will downgrade to free.


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