How to Subscribe to our Platform

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Where Can I subscribe?

You can find the subscription purchase options in your profile settings located in the top right corner by clicking on the settings wheel and scrolling down to “Subscriptions”. You can also use this direct link.



We offer two subscriptions, Supporter and Premium. You can check the differences here.

Once you have chosen the type of subscription you would like by clicking on the Green box that says “UPGRADE” you will be directed to a payment options pop up window.



Please Note: The three and six month and on year subscriptions must be paid in full upfront in order to have the reduced monthly rate. 

Please make sure that you read the “BILLING” and “CANCELLATION” info on the right side so you are aware of how the subscription works.

Once you have chosen the subscription length you would like to have please click on the ORANGE box that says “CONTINUE”. You will then be redirected to the payment options page, that will give you all the other options you can purchase a subscription with as well.



From here you can choose the most popular payment methods. If none of these options are available to you, please try choosing the “Show More Methods”.


If at any time you have any issues with these payment methods when choosing the OTHER PAYMENT METHODS. Please contact the Xsolla Customer Support located on the bottom left hand corner as they will have more information in regards to your issue on their pop up window and what has gone wrong with your purchase.

Once you have chosen the payment type that you would like please follow the instructions and once the payment has successfully been approved your account will be automatically upgraded to the subscription of your choosing, this can take a few minutes. 


From your subscription page in your settings which is the same spot you originally started this process from, you will see your subscription that you had chosen. You will also see the date it was activated, the current plan you have chosen, and the date the subscription renews.


If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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