Initial Game registration Smite FAQ

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How do I register my Smite account on the platform?


In order to register your Smite Game account to our platform

  • Click on 'Add Game' in the left navigation
  • Choose Smite PC or Xbox, on the pop up window that appears
  • Fill in your username and password for PC users, for Xbox we require your email associated with your xbox account. We are working directly together with Hirez/Microsoft for this, so your data will be fully secure. 
  • Once our system has verified your account you will see Smite as a registered game on your profile. 

Please Note: For Xbox users please ensure that you use the same email associated with the Xbox game account you want to use on the platform. You can check which email is associated with your xbox account by navigating here - Settings/Personalization/My profile/Customize profile

The game registration failed, what can be the reason?

  • This could be due to your password having abnormal characters.
  • You have already linked your Smite account to another FACEIT account previously.

Please give this article a read to troubleshoot any issues 



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