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 How do I register my LoL account on the platform?

League of Legends is currently still in Beta on FACEIT. In order to get access you can to apply for Beta access, after which you will receive an invitation code. Alternatively you can wait until the game goes out of Beta.

In order to register your LoL account to our platform

  • Click on 'Add Game' in the left navigation
  • Choose League of Legends on the pop up window that appears
  • Specify a Region and fill in your summoner name
  • Once our system has verified the existence of your username you will see LoL as registered

Due to our old system, if your summoner name was falsely claimed by someone else

  • You must contact our support team and show proof that you are the owner
  • Click on Submit a ticket on top of this page
  • On the reason field for our support please choose Game Registration

We will then manually add your LoL account for you.


 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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