I have a VAC Ban - what can I do?

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VAC bans not in a game on our platform are now added automatically to FACEIT when you attempt to add the game! 

If you're still experiencing issues, then please make sure your profile is on public and also your game details are on public.

If you're unsure how to do this, there is an article here.

If you have a VAC ban which is in a game on our platform, you won't be able to add that game. If you wish to add a different game but still have a VAC ban in a game on our platform you will have to contact our support team to get it checked manually and added to your account. 

 Whats your policy on VAC bans? 

VAC bans under 365 days are not permitted on FACEIT under any circumstances. Any account found with a VAC ban not in a game on our platform and under 365 days will be closed until the 365th day. 

If you get a VAC ban in any game we have on the platform, the FACEIT account would be banned and you would have to wait 730 days before creating a new account.

This is because a VAC ban in a game on our platform is not permitted to play, for example a VAC ban in CSGO under 730 days will be suspended you will not be able to play until it reaches 730 days (2 years) on a new account. If you have other games on your account, for example DOTA 2, the suspension will last until the VAC ban reaches 730 days. 

Any new account made before the 365 day mark or 730 day mark will be banned for ban evasion.

 If you still require help click below to contact us directly by email


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