CS:GO - Our Steam ID's are not allowed

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 Our Steam ID's are not being allowed to join the server

If you and your team mates are getting this message when joining the server, it is likely that there has been a so called "whitelist issue". The issue can be solved quickly by our Live Customer Support and the match will not need to be cancelled

How do we fix this problem?

  • Only the Captains of each team can call our Live Customer Support Team
  • Inform our Live Customer Support team that all players are unable to connect to the server
  • Our Live Customer Support team will reconfigure the server to a new IP 
  • Once the new server is spawned, join using the "PLAY" button, or the IP provided.

What is a whitelist?

When the server is configured for your specific match, it will automatically create something called a “whitelist” which states which players are allowed to join the server. This is to make sure only the players that are in the room will be able to join the game.The whitelist is composed by the Steam IDs of all the 10 players that have been matched together.

How does this happen?

In the event of network issues, there can be the rare case that the connection sending the information between our platform and the game server is not properly stored. This means that only a partial whitelist might have been received by the server and thus, some Steam IDs are missing.


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