Why has my card been declined?

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If your card has been declined it is most likely because of the following reasons:-

  • Your account has insufficient funds in order to purchase the subscription you would like. Please note that three and six month subscriptions will take the full amount upfront for the reduced monthly rate. 
  • If a first time purchase with our platform some credit card companies may place a temporary fraud protection on your card when attempting to purchase a subscription. Please contact your credit card provider in order to request this to be removed so that you may purchase a subscription with us. Your provider will confirm the date and time you attempted this purchase with you, only then will you be able to purchase a subscription on our platform.

Initially our third party provider Stripe, will take a $1 dollar amount from your card to confirm that it is a valid credit card and then refund this $1 dollar afterwards.

We also ask that you disable all script blocking apps or tools you may have installed on your browser and try clearing your cookies or cache to ensure that you have a fresh recently update version of the platform before attempting to purchase the subscription again.

My account subscription is still processing, what do I do?

When attempting to purchase the subscription again you will see that your account is still pending. 

This is normal and since your card was declined will not double charge you if you attempt to purchase your subscription again. To do so, just choose the Supporter or Premium option from below the pending lock and attempt again once the pop up window comes up and you have chosen the correct package you would like to subscribe to.


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