I cancelled my subscription, why do I still have one?

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Do not panic, you have not been charged again!!

If you have successfully cancelled your subscription on your account you will see this on your subscription settings page "Active until" and the date will be marked in "Red" lettering.

If you still have a subscription after the date specified it is because we offer a free seven(7) day grace period before your account will actually downgrade to free. This is normal and is provided to all of our Subscribers who have supported our platform though payment into our Ranked Leagues.

Its a gift to all of you because we appreciate the time and dedication you have shown to our platform and we feel you should all be given a free week.


If you were charged automatically again for a subscription renewal.

If you have been charged again and you do not see the above photo but instead still see on your subscription settings page "Renews on" and the date is marked in "Black" lettering.

This can only mean the following:-

  • You have not successfully cancelled your subscription before it has renewed on the date specified. Please head over to our article:- How to Cancel your Subscription

Please note: All our subscriptions are auto renewing unless purchased with a one time payment option. In this case the subscription will downgrade to free automatically after the seven day grace period.


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