My Credit Card is expired, when it is not!!

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I have tried to purchase a subscription but, I am told my card is expired.

If you have attempted to purchase a subscription and you are being told your card is expired, this is because you have used the same card as you had from your last subscription purchase but the old card has expired and you have received a new one recently.

What must I do in order to purchase a subscription?

You must contact our Customer Support team in order to have the information on your account wiped clean so that you may use the same card with the new expiration date and CVV/CVC code which is found on the back of the card.

When contacting our Customer Support team, please choose the Subscriptions heading and title your ticket Expired Card and explain that you can not purchase a subscription with your new card, as your last card from your past subscription has now expired.

This information is stored by STRIPE our secure third party payment provider and not in our database at all. Once we have removed your expired cards information you will be able to purchase a subscription package of your choosing with your new card.


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