Why am I being told I have insufficient funds?

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The transactions you see on your credit card account are "pre-authorization movements" of 1£ each. They are managed by our system, which checks if your credit card is valid. The 1£ is then send back to your account straight after by your credit card company, which means no money is charged from your card.

Your subscription did not go through because our system received the error that your card does not have enough funds.

Please ensure that when you are attempting to purchase your subscription that you have enough funds in your account for three or six month subscriptions since they will charge the full amount up front for the reduced monthly rate.

My account subscription is still processing, what do I do?

When attempting to purchase the subscription again you will see that your account is still pending. 

This is normal and since your card was declined will not double charge you if you attempt to purchase your subscription again. To do so, just choose the Supporter or Premium option from below the pending lock and attempt again once the pop up window comes up and you have chosen the correct package you would like to subscribe to.


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