FACEIT Subscription packages

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We offer only two different types of subscriptions on our platform, these are Game Specific Subscriptions and Premium.



  • Access to all games
  • Access to all Leagues & Ladders
  • Select what locations you want to play in Leagues & Ladders
  • Access to subscriber-only tournaments
  • Access to beta features
  • Advanced statistics
  • Ad-free experience
  • Profile Badges
  • Gain FACEIT points through Missions
  • Premium support over all users





Game Specific Subscriptions:


Game specific subscriptions have benefits that are specific to each individual game.


This example shows a CSGO game subscription



 This example shows a LOL game subscription


All of these subscriptions have different price points but have the same options in regards to the length of time you can choose from. These packages are broken into four different time spans, they consist of monthly, three(3) month, six(6) month, and one(1) year subscriptions.

When you initially choose the type of Subscription you want, based on the features for each, please note that you still must choose the package that you want from the pop up window before paying for the package.


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