FACEIT League Season 2 - Looking for Team?

Playing FACEIT League Season 2

If you intend to participate with a premade team, select the Join button. Alternatively, if you seek to join another team, click on the Find team button located on the right.

Joining with a premade team

You have the option to join a newly created premade team or choose from your existing teams.

Adding team members

In the following step, you will encounter player cards and find five slots designated for the active roster, three slots for substitutes, and one slot allocated for the coach. It is important to note that substitutes and coaches are not mandatory positions.

By clicking the + icon, you can choose players from your premade team to add them to the League roster.

If the player you wish to include is not currently a member of your premade team, select "Invite new member."

Note: Should a player not meet the entry requirements, it is probable that they are currently affiliated with another League roster. A player may only be associated with a single active League roster simultaneously.

Completing the League requirements

To adequately prepare, it is imperative that both you and your team fulfill all League requirements, denoted by the yellow exclamation mark atop a player card. As the team captain, you are tasked with choosing the region and conference (if applicable) in which you intend to compete. Failing to complete this essential step will result in ineligibility for League participation.

Note: You can also verify the status of your other teammates by viewing their player cards, such as whether they have purchased the League pass.

A complete and ready team requires a minimum of five players on the League roster, each meeting the League requirements.

Leaving a League roster

If you hold the position of team captain and have additional members on your roster, you will be unable to depart from the team until you assign the captain role to another member. To do so, select the player card and designate the chosen player as the new captain.

If you are a player seeking to depart from a League roster, you can either click on your player card and select "Leave," or click on the three dots situated on the right side and choose the "Leave" option.

Removing a player from the League roster

To remove a player, you can click on their player card or select the "X" above the player card. There are two removal options available: you can either remove the player from the League roster exclusively or from both the League roster and the premade team.

Finding team members for your team

Once the region and conference (if applicable) have been determined, you can select the "Public team" option. This selection will list your team, allowing players to join your League roster.

Joining another team

If you do not have a premade team and wish to participate in the League with another team, please click on the "Find Team" button.

You will be directed to the Teams tab, where you can view all teams currently seeking additional members. Simply click on the + icon to join their League roster.

Note: Kindly verify the Region and conference details below. If you belong to EMEA and the team is designated for the NA region, they may not be the most suitable option.

Chatting with your teammates

The new "Looking for Team" feature incorporates a chat function. By selecting the chat icon located on the right side, users can engage in text or voice conversations with fellow players.

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