How to join a League Roster

Once your team has already joined the FACEIT League and sign ups have closed, you are still able to make roster changes up until the “Roster Lock” which occurs near the end of the Regular Season.

In order to add a new member to your League Roster, they need to join your Premade team first. Team Captains can invite people to their premade team from the team page under “Settings”.

Once the players have been invited to your team and they have accepted the invitation, the team Captain can select the active lineup on the league page by clicking on the “Manage Roster” button. Please note that players must have the league pass as well as not have any active join cooldowns. For more information on Join Cooldowns and Player Addition restrictions, please refer to the rulebook in the league.

You can choose to use your substitutes with no restrictions, you can edit who from your roster you play with in the individual match rooms during the substitution phase which takes place directly before vetoes / each map.

Please note that in order to make someone a Team Captain in the league team, you need to make them the team owner on the Premade Team. In exceptional situations, you may call an admin to your match room and they can change team captains on a case by case basis.

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