M88 - Open League - Spring 2024

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Q: Can I change my team's members after signups close?

A: No, after signups close no further roster changes may be made. You can add up to two substitutes.

Q: Can our coach act as a substitute?

A: No, coaches cannot be used as a substitute, they can only join the server and spectate your POVs.

Q: How are teams seeded into divisions and groups?

A: The FACEIT ELO of all players and substitutes of the team will be combined and divided by the number of players on the team. The outcome will determine the team's seed. Teams are seeded in divisions of 16, and groups of 4.

Q: How do teams get promoted/demoted from groups/divisions?

A: After all matches in the group have been played, the top 2 teams in the group move up a group (or if group 1, up a division) and the bottom 2 teams move down a group (or division if group 4).

Q: When are matches played?

A: We pre-schedule all matches according to the schedule set in the rules. Teams have the option to reschedule the matches.

Q: Can I reschedule my match?

A: Team captains can propose a new starting time of the match in the matchroom (you can select up to 3 hours earlier or later). In case you need to reschedule to a different date, call an admin in the matchroom and propose a new date/time, the admin will confirm with the other team and update the scheduled match.

Q: I have to forfeit, how do I go about this?

A: Please write a message in all of your matchrooms that you forfeit the game, and click the CALL ADMIN button in the middle of the matchroom to get help from the tournament admin team

Q: A team has forfeited, what happens to our already played result or upcoming match?

A: If a team forfeits, all their matches in the group will be set as a default win for the other teams. After the group is done the team will be removed from the league and the runner-up team will replace their slot.

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