What is the FACEIT League?

The FACEIT League is a circuit that anyone can compete in! It consists of multiple Divisions, Open being the lowest Division and Masters the highest. You are able to win spots to compete in LAN events such as the Esports World Cup 2024, win cash prizes as well as FACEIT Points!

What do I need to compete?

There are no FACEIT Skill requirements to compete, all players competing in the Lower Divisions are required to purchase a League Pass. You are able to purchase one from the League Registration page. For more info on registration, please check out this article.

How can I reach the Master Division?

For Season 1, there are 2 ways you can qualify for the Master Division! Top OWCS teams will be invited into the League for their respective regions. Additionally, there will be Qualifiers taking place on the platform between March 29, 2024 and April 18th, 2024. Teams that have qualified either via OWCS or the qualifiers will receive free League Passes for Season 1. For more information on the Qualifiers check out this article.

Based on teams results during the season, there will be promotions and demotions between the Divisions. Teams from the Expert Division are able to be promoted into the Master Division. For more information on the promotions and demotions please check out this article.

How will placements be done in the Lower Divisions?

Placements in the Lower Division will be based on teams average FACEIT Elo on the platform. Once you have signed up for the league and registration has closed, this process will be completed automatically and you will be able to see your Division before the League starts.

Am I able to add new players to my team?

Yes, for all divisions you are able to add and remove players from your League Team. However, there are restrictions to how often you can add players or join new teams. Additionally, there is a “Roster Lock” that occurs towards the end of the Regular Season. More information regarding the team and roster requirements can be found in the League Rulebook on the FACEIT League page.

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